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Ken Germann Helps People

To Grow and Scale Their Lives and Businesses

About Me

At Set Qualified Appointments our expertise lies in two areas: setting qualified appointments and closing sales deals.

We work with business professionals, coaches, consultants, financial advisors and agencies to help them set key appointments and close those deals through our experienced sales team. Our success rate averages at an impressive 30% when it comes to closing cold traffic sales.

For those entrepreneurs and leaders aiming for the next level of success, we can introduce a powerful tool - interviews on major network stations like NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX.

With the right exposure from these channels your unique voice has the power to reach the masses. To assure you of this success we offer a 100% guarantee that you will book an extended 2-minute interview slot on any of these networks; such is our record of bringing quality client relationships and acknowledged expertise to bear in elevating businesses.

Why Me?

After hiring multiple companies that failed to deliver on their promise of helping us grow our business, we decided to venture into the appointment setting and closing industry ourselves. The journey was not easy – Ken had to learn a lot through trial and error in order to make his own business successful. Because of this, Ge decided to make use of those valuable lessons by offering the same services to other businesses. We are confident in our abilities, as $100,000 worth of knowledge has gone into perfecting our systems. We understand how it feels when a vendor does not produce results, so unlike them, we always start every customer off with a two week trial where they only pay for verified appointments that were set up for them. We believe that the quality of our service should speak for itself. That’s why we don’t offer rigid guarantees; instead, we simply bill you per every qualified opportunity that we generate. You pay $100 for each appointment, and we handle all the risk in the first two weeks so you can rest assured that you won’t be on the hook unless satisfactory results are achieved. It’s simple, straightforward, and effective — no worrying about hidden fees or tricky loopholes.

Who Do I Serve



High Ticket Software Companies

Technology Companies

Branding and Publicity Agencies

Financial Planners

B2B Companies

Marketing Agencies

We work with Coaches, Consultants, High Ticket Software Companies, Technology Companies, Branding and Publicity Agencies, Financial Planners, B2B Companies and Marketing Agencies to grow and and scale up their business.

How It Works

Our proven system for generating appointments for your business has been tested for success with LinkedIn and Facebook. We emphasize friendly conversation and understanding of prospect needs as the cornerstone of our approach. By learning about their challenges and presenting your product or service as a solution, we help prospects quickly set up an appointment. With this system, our clients can count on generating between 20 to 120 meetings each month. If you require assistance in setting and closing your business deals, our team of experienced professionals can assist. We offer a two-week trial period with only $100 paid per qualified appointment set; this should yield at least two clients within the given timeframe. Our use of technology helps to increase attendance to appointments by 70%, while our closers maintain a 30% closing rate. After the trial period, commission is charged on every closed deal – amounting to 20% of the total deal value. Contact us today if you need help in setting and closing your sales deals.



T: +1 941 380 4390

E: [email protected]


T: +1 941 380 4390

E: [email protected]

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